Dead Friends

The Disillusionment of the Expectation of Others: The Disappointed EP
	    	You tossed more than a friend.
                You killed a life.
                You picked up the knife,
                And severed the ties.
                Don't know what I did
                To make you mad.
                But I realize now,
                And its just awful sad.
                You just can't forgive.
                You don't know how.
                That much I get,
                And I accept it now.
                But I've got something to say.
                You don't wanna hear.
                I forgive you friend.
                Met you in G-A.
                Watched a film on gays.
                Joined the UUA,
                And didn't have to pray.
                Killed the last boss
                With minutes to go.
                Had a plane to board
                In the last row.
                Road the T to see
                The ancestry,
                The forefathers before
                An hour of coffee.
                "Sick and Sad" to see
                This friendship die,
                So I'll repose the question
                And just ask why?
                We got the jump on Dave,
                Used Wes's save.
                I wasn't brave,
                And Del Taco's fave.
                Drinking games with grapes,
                Skanking great.
                Cleaning feathered capes
                All over the state.
                Two years together,
                Now a life apart.
                An explanation unheard.
                I'm left in the dark.
                Who killed the light?
                My thought's unseen.
                Unfollowed the web,
                And kicked off the team.
                (Team Get Psyched)
                Ignored again,
                Thought you were a friend.
                Thinking back on then
                And wondering when:
                You got so pissed,
                The signs I missed,
                Didn't get the gyst,
                Just symbolic fist.
                Well I get it now.
                I know what you said.
                Ed's in the shed.
                And Shaun is dead.
                I hear you loud
                (I hear you loud and clear!)