The End

Two Shot's in Eagle's Landing
	    	Well if you’re listening,
                I hope I told this story well,
                And you better head home,
                After this tale straight outta hell.
                I got one more to introduce,
                Another person,
                And then I promise there are no more
                That this is The End.
                I’ve been rude.
                I haven’t introduced myself.
                I lived in Eagle’s Landing,
                And I knew the bastard well.
                I told you a story
                Bout the man dressed all in black.
                It haunts the preacher’s family,
                Regular insomniacs.
                But let me be clear,
                He had no choice in the act.
                I grabbed the bastards hand,
                And made that bottle tip on back.
                I told you
                This was a tale straight outta hell.
                Allow me to be introduced,
                Please call me the devil.
                That night,
                I woke the poor bastard up.
                Made him get outta bed,
                It was time to worship.
                We headed to the church,
                But did not walk right through the door.
                We lagged a little back
                And had ourselves a little pour.
                I stoked the flames of fury,
                Blew red embers of enrage.
                Poked and prodded open wounds,
                And shook the monster’s cage.
                I revealed righteously the preacher
                Was not a well mannered man.
                I watched the kettle boil,
                And marvelled my master plan.
                After forty-four shots flared
                Fire from within,
                The bastard busted open the doors.
                Ladies shrieked to high heaven.
                The preacher poised in place
                Prayed a placid pure thought,
                But no divine disruption could
                Disturb the devil’s plot.
                He aimed and shot.
                No divine disruption could
                Disturb the devil’s plot.
                He aimed and shot.