The Girl (By My Side)

Two Shot's in Eagle's Landing
	    	She spins around six times
                And then she hits the floor,
                Faster than tequila,
                And then two shots downed more.
                She's quick as a whip,
                But gets slowed down when she's hot.
                She's a fine 38,
                And she'll never get got.
                She's as cold as ice,
                And meaner than a dog.
                Blows more smoke
                Than a steamship in the fog.
                She's just five-five,
                But she puts up a damn fight.
                She's a fine 38.
                Beware of her bite.
                She loves to hold my hand,
                But makes it clear when she mad.
                She hollers damn loud
                Make your ears ring bad.
                She's got sight like a hawk,
                And nothing ever slips.
                She's a fine 38,
                And she's resting on my hip.