Hex Girlfriend

Hex Girlfriend EP
	    	Let me explain this difficult girl,
                We talked about the Moon and the Earth.
                I was blinded, fell in love with her.
                We talked about God, and it’s still going on.
                And we talked with our delicate words.
                We'd run around in circles and laugh.
                Shoulda been careful, she talked to the woods,
                And asked the trees what they thought of me.
                About six years later,
                And I'd come home from work.
                The lights were all out in our house.
                A candle flickered from some room beyond,
                And there was chanting to some god,
                Some god named Amaan.
                And then I saw it.
                I saw it appear. It burst right out into flesh.
                A dark character was standing over her.
                A sworn drawn in his clawed hands.
                So I'm gonna tell you a story. This one time I walked into my house and immediately slipped on a giant pile of flowers.
                See my girlfriend she was really romantic, always trying to get me to try out something that she saw in some magazine.
                So like any other day that I walk into a situation like this I'm a nice guy and play along but see this time was different.
                She always lit candles but the kind of candles that you would see in the holiday section of Kohl's not the long tapers like
                in a fancy restaurant, but this time there were tapers all over the floor. She had melted the wax right into the ground.
                I wasn't thrilled of the idea of having to clean it up but hey who cares when it comes to this. I followed the trail of rose
                petals into our bathroom where I found the bath drawn. She had used some kind of bath bomb that turned the color dark red,
                like a deep vermillion. I guess I'm a little OCD cause all I could think of was it staining the tub then all of a sudden my
                girlfriend jumped out of the tub, bare ass naked. But the red water clinging to her body. She opened her mouth AND THEN I APPEARED!