This album is an ode to a surf rock band that lived a life to short, performing only one show before its premature death. Griffin Driskell played bass and sang in the original band by the same name as the album, Hex Girlfriend, along with fellow musicians Camilo Herrera Matiz (Guitar/Vocals), Roddy Davis (Guitar), and Corey Gonsalves (Drums). Griffin co-wrote the original music in Spring 2015, but after the death of Hex Girlfriend, the music was lost. A year later, Griffin resurrected and reanimated the tunes from the grave, reworked and rewrote the songs from the ground up, giving them new life in the light of witchcraft and living in suburbia. All songs, except "Suburban Youth" the originally planned single, received nearly complete makeovers. Hex Girlfriend EP was released on the anniversary of the first, last, and only show of Hex Girlfriend.