Recording Guitar Lessons

February 2021

From 2012 till 2018 I taught guitar lessons to a few dozen different students ranging in age from 5 years old to 57 years old. I've taught people from all walks of life. For a short time, it was my sole income, but really teaching guitar was always more of a passion project for me. I saw how music shops in Atlanta were taking advantage of parents that didn't understand what was reasonable progression and they were dragging out lessons as long as possible, being that it is a business and that is the most profitable model. My goal was teach someone how to learn to play the guitar, not to teach someone how to play guitar. My goal for my lessons, I told everyone up front is for them to discontinue taking lessons from me. I joked it was the worst business model of all time. A few years later, I am considering that I will never take on another guitar student because of the inability to dedicate the time, so I have decided to release my lessons in video format on Youtube, and I will have accompanying paper lesson write-ups on a new page of my website. I have officially started this process and hope to get the ball rolling soon. Final goal is to have all of my standard lessons available free of charge and get some ad revenue from Youtube, and then potentially have a Patreon for some individual requests that I can post to my Youtube as well!

Technical Debt Page

February 2021

I am actively trying to grow my project Sabi. I want to bring on more individuals to collaborate with and hopefully accomplish something neat with Sabi. I have a hidden page on this site, where I am posting technical issues or scripts that I have put on the backburner while accomplishing other tasks. Some of these tasks are very short and could be solved in five minutes. I just have not exerted any brain power whatsoever toward them. Others might be very difficult. Tech Debt is updated frequently, and it will continue to be updated.

Website for Sabi

February 2021

Because I am so fast and accomplished at finishing my personal website I have begun to work on a website for my software project Sabi. Sabi is a collection of little programs that I have written that I think that others might enjoy. Most of my Sabi projects are from starting one project, getting to an annoying point, and coming up with a solution for the annoyance. Then the program kind of just fleshes out from there. Lain is a really simple CLI-to-Discord bot that I really love. I am constantly building new modules for Lain and finding new ways to implement it (and Discord) into my systems administration.

This new website

January 2021

I have been working on a new concept for my website. Personal websites are trafficked rather infrequently, but I want to have a collective spot where I can share what I have been working on and what I have accomplished for those that are interested.