Griffin Driskell

The Disappointed EP Album Cover Hex Girlfriend EP Album Cover Two Shots in Eagle's Landing EP Album Cover

The Disillusionment of the Expectation of Others: The Disappointed EP is a satirical look at some of the disappointing expectations we have in our everyday lives. The title track follows the journey of the child of optimistic parents and his journey through and after life. Okay Song is a okay. Dead Friends is a sad song of a friendship that prematurely ended, exhaustive of subtle and not so subtle references to the relationship.

Hex Girlfriend EP is a surf-rock story about a man that discovers his girlfriend is a literal witch, not just the facetious epithet given to one's signficant other. The album also jests all aspects of life in Suburbia.

Two Shots in Eagle's Landing EP is an Americana homage to the West. Following a tragic event of a gun being fired in small Northwest Texas town, each character relays their experiences of the horror. The story takes place in the mid 1800's, just after the annexation of Texas into the United States.