The Temptress

Two Shot's in Eagle's Landing
	    	Some call it whiskey.
                Some call her miss.
                Some say pour me another one.
                Others reminisce.
                It sees everything.
                It taunts everyone.
                Everybody has a
                But that night,
                In the bar,
                The shame, the lies, the guilt
                Watched a man with a star
                Jump up!
                And then he grabbed his gun.
                Headed out the door
                And it was sure to be no fun.
                He heard another bang
                And knew exactly what to do.
                He sprinted really fast,
                Tripping over his own boots.
                He ran to the church,
                But he wasn’t in time.
                He saw the Man of God
                Laying down in a line
                Of blood.
                But then,
                He saw the drunken bastard
                Laughing with a grin,
                So he,
                Too drunken, in his state,
                Lifted up the gun
                And pointed at his face
                And shot.
                And missed.
                For he was a good shot,
                But those other shots he did.
                He shouldn’t be drinking
                When he is the law,
                But the liquor tasted good,
                And the scotch always calmed.
                That night,
                Was the sheriffs last drink.
                The tragic death of his son
                Would always make him think.
                He put down the bottle
                That damned day.
                And he never picked it up again.
                Hell no, no way!