2019 April

Sabi. Simple, Lightweight, but Not Beautiful. Sabi is a software project I started in Spring of 2019. Sabi projects are widely different from each other, but there is a requirement for ease of use and not being too cumbersome. Appreciate the simplicity in programs.

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2020 November

Lain is a CLI tool to post to Discord as a bot. There are two major utilizations of Lain at the current moment. For large Discord communities, this is an opportunity to post as a uniform 'brand'. Have mods and admins all post under the same persona. Another great utilization is in combo with cron, scheduling system outputs to print in Discord. Replace antiquated email with sexy instant messages.

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2020 October

Antsible is a little configuration server specifically tasked with keeping your Ansible hosts file up-to-date on the addition of new servers. In an environment where servers are added quickly, keeping up with updating the hosts file for Ansible is just one more thing to keep up with. Antsible listens for incoming GET requests from new servers that have been configured with a one liner to let the Ansible master node know that they are ready for business.

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2020 October

pdb-ez is a configuration generator for pixiv-discord-bot. pixiv-discord-bot scrapes Pixiv for fanmade artwork from anime and manga. pixiv-discord-bot requires lengthy JSON to be written for each new series/character. pdb-ez reads in simple text config files and interprets them into JSON and fills in any missing criteria.

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Monika is a Discord bot that lives in the continuation of the character from the popular Doki Doki Literature Club visual novel game. Monika is a modular character bot. Turning on new modules gives Monika new personality traits that she can use to interact with users in a Discord channel. Think of her as a sentient member of the Discord. She has personalities from being complimentary to tantalizing to downright mean. Eventually she will have favorability and grudges and will share some of her personal tastes and preferences!

The Magi

2020 May

The Magi is a media webserver management utility. Simply put, you put folders of photos or videos together, like family vacation albums, reactions memes, etc. Then run The Magi, and it will spin up a website that you can view all of your content. This is very convenient because you can have all your photos on one computer, but view them from any other device on your network (or outside your network if you enable port forwarding). The Magi was born from the need to have a way to more beautifully display the images that were being collected in Zuccit.

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Zuccit is the hopeful solution to being able to consume Instagram without the privacy implications that come along with that.. Zuccit currently utilizes instagram-scraper to retrieve photographs from Instagram then it displays them in a Magi server. This allows you to view photographs from your friends and favorite professional accounts. Running Zuccit on a remote server or a VM is a great way to ensure that one of the many surveillance tools Facebook implements are not affecting your liberty.


Two Shots in Eagle's Landing

2021 Spring

Two Shots in Eagle's Landing is a traditional America west album. Think songs of cowboys, not country. A preacher is shot in his house of faith. Each song details the events of various characters in the west Texan town during the era of the annexation of Texas into the Union.

Hex Girlfriend EP

2016 April

Hex Girlfriend EP is a satirical surf rock album poking fun at life in suburbia, relationships, and general human interactions.

The Disillusionment of the Expectation of Others: The Disappointed EP

unreleased; (original release: 2015 Thanksgiving)

A satirical album of folksy songs about being let down by your hopes and impressions of other people.