Eagle's Landing (The Town)

Two Shot's in Eagle's Landing
	    	If America’s an eagle,
                Than listen, where’s her nest?
                I’ve looked all through the Appalachians.
                Sent me out here west.
                I travelled through the desert,
                Through the snow and pine.
                The plains seemed plain to me,
                But those rivers were divine.
                Is America’s nest
                Surrounded by slaughtered snakes?
                All threats to freedom bleed,
                But puffed up chests still fake.
                If the looming threat from down south,
                Down to Mexico,
                Kills another Texas town.
                They’ll learn Rio Rojo.
                Sangre tambien.
                Y puercos muertos.
                Necesitan entender
                Tengan cuidado.
                This here town
                Broken Spanish may be spoke,
                But the eagle landed here,
                And we’re saluting to James Polk.
                Go back!
                Go back home!
                You’re not wanted here.
                The sun with bleach your bones.
                This is not a town
                To test the will of its folks.
                It’s not a perfect place,
                But sure as hell it ain’t broke.
                One night,
                In Eagle’s Landing,
                Some bastard got drunk.
                That’s where this all begins.
                Through this tale
                You’ll hear the loss of a son,
                A poor preacher,
                And a father overrun
                With guilt,
                Because of temptations,
                Pretty ole gals,
                And the annex to this fine nation.
                Appearances from God are made,
                The rancher and hero,
                The drunken bastard has a tale,
                and even the devil.
                So sit tight and listen
                To this story never told.
                It played in ‘49.
                You won’t predict how it unfolds.
                Two shots were fired
                In Eagle’s Landing
                Then another loud band,
                Then the horn or a train.