Hey! I love trying and learning new things! My favorite thing to do is to make something though. I love the idealization of what to make, the process of the actual creation, and then the reflection after the creation is finished is so accomplished feeling.

By profession, I am a research engineer working in cybersecurity research. I get to learn about new security concerns from my fellow researchers, and then I get to build prototype systems to incorporate the new ideas. I have built several different platforms of malware analysis sandboxes and built tools to interpret and understand the malware behavior.

Software is something that I am passionate about outside of work. I have a personal organization I create under called Sabi. Sabi is Simple, Lightweight, but Not Beautiful. Most of the software is free and open source software intended to be run on Linux. Not all of the software though fits this criteria, some projects are intended for individualized professional ventures and are catered toward the specific needs of the customer. Check out Sabi on Github to learn more!

When I'm not working on a coding project, I'm still making something! I have written a few dozen songs, and I have even written three short albums worth of content. My first album, The Disillusionment of the Expectation of Others is a satire of the expectations we hold in our personal relationships. My second album, Hex Girlfriend, is another satirical look at living in Suburbia in the flavor of Surf Rock! My third album is a dedication and homage to Americana Folk. Two Shots in Eagle's Landing is a story about a preacher being shot in 1850's Texas. Each character giving their own unique take.

I could never list an exhaustive list of the things I enjoy creating, but a final mention is to artwork. I enjoy creating visual art, although not as much lately. Cut paper is my preferred method. I am illustrating a book by digital means, in the style of cut paper, for an upcoming children's book called Penpals created with AG Smith.